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COGEN World Coalition: A new global association for the cogeneration industry

The launch of COGEN World Coalition (CWC) bringing together companies, associations, institutions and other key stakeholders working in the cogeneration field has recently been announced.

This new initiative has been created in order to increase the contribution of cogeneration to facing the current climate and environmental challenges and support economic growth.

The CWC has been founded by some of the key EU and world cogeneration associations and companies including ACOGEN, CHP Alliance, COGEN Europe, COGEN Spain, COGEN Brazil, COGENERA México, ITALCOGEN and KOJEN TÜRK and leading companies in the sector such as AB Energy, Baker Hughes, Clarke Energy, INNIO, Kawasaki and 2G.

The objectives of COGEN World Coalition

The CWC will act as the main world reference point for the sector of cogeneration. As such, it will support countries and regions which have recently entered the cogeneration market. CWC will help them in developing the technology and process by leveraging and making available best best practices and knowledge from other more experienced parts of the globe.

More particularly, the CWC will:

  • Inform, educate and promote a wider use of cogeneration worldwide;
  • Create and foster dialogue with relevant intergovernmental organizations including the United Nations, International Energy Agency, World Trade Organisation, World Bank, IMF, etc.;
  • Support the establishment and development of national and continental associations/networks linked to cogeneration;
  • Connect companies, entrepreneurs, associations and professionals active in the field of energy efficiency;
  • Exchange information and experiences related to cogeneration technology;
  • Support initiatives in order to lobby policymakers and regulators; and
  • Exchange, discuss and develop positions on issues of common interest including energy efficiency, climate change, sustainable development, financing and more.

David Gardiner, Executive Director of the CHP Alliance based in the US, is the first President of CWC. Hans Korteweg, Managing Director of Brussels-based COGEN Europe, will become Executive Director.

See the website for more information about the colation and the procedures to become member:

Watch the introductory video below!



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