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World Cogeneration Day

| September 4 | 2020

People around the globe will celebrate the virtues and benefits of cogeneration (also known as Combined Heat and Power - CHP), open their shops for real or virtual tours, host webinars, discuss new technologies, and work to include CHP in energy legislation at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Theme for 2020- Celebrate the Heros who keep the lights on!
Each year World Cogeneration Day highlights one key aspect of the combined heat and power industry. This year the COVID-19 pandemic has taken center stage; yet, behind-the-scenes heroes have kept the lights on and the power moving. World Cogeneration Day 2020 is designed to celebrate the inspirational commitment of the people involved in the CHP power sector, often thanklessly and tirelessly working to keep the lights on and the facilities running smoothly.

The website, will maintain information about this global project and tip-off those wishing to organize events. Individual open day organizers are encouraged to check back for event details. Event and brand logos will be made available via the main website

The hashtag #worldcogenerationday will be used to tie in activity across different social media platforms.

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