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New study: Boiler Performance using FPBO for a SmartCHP system

Our partner OWI Science for Fuel gGmbH (Germanuy) has recently published a study on “Boiler Performance using fast-pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO) for a SmartCHP system  in the framework of the SmartCHP project..

The SmartCHP system combines a fast-pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO) fuelled engine and flue gas boiler to produce electricity and heat at a high efficiency over the whole load range. A burner-boiler system is being developed which can be operated with pure FPBO or a mixture with up to 20% ethanol and flue gas from the engine with an oxygen content between 5 – 18%.

The combustion of FPBO in flue gas has been extensively studied. A 17 kW and 100 kW burner were developed and experimentally investigated under different boundary conditions in water-cooled combustion chamber (boiler). The combustion of FPBO in flue gas and the quick start of the burner even at low flue gas temperatures down to a certain O2-limit (15% O2 at low flue gas temperatures) works very well.

The flame speed decreases sharply with decreasing O2 contents. Low flame speeds make it difficult to stabilize the flame in the burner. The flue gas temperatures of up to 732 K limit the flame speed drop and will help to stabilize the flame at lower oxygen contents.

Based on the requirements of the system, a boiler concept was developed, and the appropriate components were acquired.

Find out more in the related study by clicking on this link.



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