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Watch the Bio4Products webinar ‘Developing a pyrolysis-based biorefinery’

This month the Bio4Products project held its second webinar, this time focusing on pyrolysis – the biomass conversion technology used in SmartCHP.

Fast pyrolysis is earning growing interest because it can convert a wide range of difficult-to-handle biomass into a clean and uniform bio-oil, which is easy to store and use for bioenergy or biobased products.

The webinar went through all you need to know about pyrolysis, from state-of-the-art techniques to the current status of commercial plants in Europe, with four major experts in this field.

You can re-watch the recording of the webinar here:



Frederik Ronsse, Ghent University – Introduction to fast pyrolysis: how does it work and why it should be used

Gerhard Muggen, BTG-BTL Biomass-to-liquid – The current market status of pyrolysis plants in Europe: a success story

Paul de Wild, TNO – Fractional condensation of biomass pyrolysis vapours

Hans Heeres, BTG Biomass Technology Group – State of the art in fast pyrolysis oil fractionation

Moderator: Valeria Mazzagatti, Greenovate! Europe

The webinar is the second in a series called ‘From biomass to bio-based products’ organised within the Bio4Products project. Subsequent webinars will focus on: Making products out of lignin and sugars (January), and Ensuring sustainability (March).

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